“I bring the experience, vision, and steady
leadership we need at this time in the city’s history.”

Rudy Fischer & Family

My Background:

I am a Navy Vietnam veteran and have a BA from UC Berkeley, a M.Sc. in International Business from St. Mary’s College, and a Certificate in Business, Law, and Economics from Stanford University.

I had a 30 year career in High Technology in Silicon Valley and San Diego in both Fortune 500 companies and small privately owned firms. I retired as Vice President of Administration – and Corporate Secretary – for a developer of communications devices. In addition, I spent seven years with the Department of the Navy’s Information Warfare Training Command in Monterey.

My wife Kathleen and I have been married for 26 years. Kathleen was a Speech/Language Pathologist working with stroke Victims, people with swallowing problems, and the elderly in Pacific Grove and all around the Monterey Peninsula.

Why I am running for Pacific Grove Mayor:

During the eight years I have been on the council, we have made significant progress with our city’s finances. We now need to think about the future and how we can make the city better for all of us. That means fixing up our infrastructure while staying within our budget. During my time on the
City Council I have continually pushed to fix up our roads, sidewalks, streetlights, shoreline, and parks. The work won’t get less costly if we wait, so let’s do it now.

I also want to see us take a long-term look at our urban parks and make them places we and our kids can play in and enjoy. I want to see us increase the city’s revenue through organic growth; enticing companies to move to Pacific Grove, as well as growing our own local businesses.

My goal as Pacific Grove Mayor is to protect, preserve and renew our city assets and natural resources; not just the sewers, streets, and sidewalks; but also things such as the Monarch Sanctuary, Point Pinos Lighthouse, Golf Links, Coastal Trail, and the urban parks and forests that we all love and that brings visitors to our town.

Causes and Organizations I Support

The Nature Conservancy | Peninsula Open Space Trust | Elkhorn Slough Foundation | National Audubon Society | Marine Mammal Center | SPCA of Monterey County | National Wildlife Federation | Arbor Day Foundation | The Heritage Society | Friends of the Library | The Chamber of Commerce | Feast of Lanterns | Save the Pool Campaign of 2013 | Library Renovation Campaign | The Gathering for Women | The Blind and Visually Impaired Center