Bringing experience, vision, and steady leadership to water issues.

Why I want to Serve on the Board of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.

I have many years of public service experience on City Council and on city and regional boards and commissions.  While on the Pacific Grove City Council I was a driver for the Local Water Project which now provides recycled water to the city’s golf course.  That was strategic, because not only did we reduce the cost of water to the golf course, but we freed up potable water for use by existing homes and businesses in Pacific Grove. 

About two and a half years ago, while I was Board Chair at Monterey One Water, we authorized the agency to go forward with the $126 million recycled water project called Pure Water Monterey.  We were able to get an $88 million state loan, at 1% interest, as well as about $30 million in state and federal grants.  That was also strategic; and PWM is seeking other grants up to $20 million – which reduce the cost of water to rate payers.

Like many complex engineering projects, it ran into many unexpected problems during construction, but we worked through them all and the plant got built, and I was thrilled to be able to attend the ribbon cutting for the plant on October 4th 2019.  Now on-line, the plant is producing water and will eventually provide us with about one third of the Monterey Peninsula’s water needs.  That project also has the capability of being expanded – if need be – to provide even more water later.

It is important to note that this did not just happen.  We worked with our close partners the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD) and the Marina Coast Water District (MCWD); as well as state agencies and Cal Am – the eventual recipient and distributor of the water to Monterey Peninsula water customers.

Over the next several years the water district (MPWMD) has to make a lot of important and strategic decisions for the Peninsula’s long term benefit.  The district has to make sure we get over the reliance on the Carmel River.  It needs to then get us past the state’s Cease and Desist Order.  Then it needs to go through the legal and financial process to determine the feasibility of acquiring the current water provider – Cal Am.  And all of this has to be done while keeping water rates as low as possible.

I have become known for researching issues, acting on data, and making good decisions that benefit us in the long-term.  I ask that you give me the opportunity to continue that public service so that we can fix the water problems that have plagued the Peninsula for over 40 years.

I ask for your vote to be your Director to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.


UC Berkeley Alumni Association – Life Member
St. Mary’s College
Stanford University
American Economic Association
World Economics Association
American Legion – Life Member
Veterans of Foreign Wars – Life Member

Causes and Organizations I Support

The Nature Conservancy | Peninsula Open Space Trust | Elkhorn Slough Foundation | National Audubon Society
Marine Mammal Center | SPCA of Monterey County | National Wildlife Federation | Arbor Day Foundation | The Heritage Society
Friends of the Library | Feast of Lanterns | Save the Pool Campaign of 2013 | Library Renovation Campaign of 2018-2019 | The Gathering for Women | The Blind and Visually Impaired Center